Putin critic Navalny is immortalized in crypto artwork

A 3D animation depicts the arrest of the Russian journalist on a crypto token.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny will next be immortalized in crypto art. So now an animation of the arrest of the Kremlin critic on a so-called Non-Fungible token (NFT) has been “printed” and platform crypto Super Rare on 21 January on the published .

The work of art, which bears the simple name “Navalny”, is also the first NF token that the artist @ brickspacer111 designed on the platform

The 3D artwork initially shows a close-up of Navalny making the victory sign. When the camera then zooms out, it becomes apparent that he is standing in front of a bust of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The camera pans back and forth until Navalny is standing on a pile of books and files, holding the scales of justice in his hands, while police officers try to reach him with batons.

Then the names of Putin’s alleged corrupt helpers appear on his bust, before an allusion to the president’s magnificent palace appears on his forehead

Navalny recently returned to Russia from Germany. The Bitcoin-friendly journalist was poisoned by the Russian secret service in August 2020, whereupon he was treated in the Federal Republic.

Shortly after his return, the Kremlin critic was arrested for allegedly violating the probation conditions from a previous conviction. Navalny himself suspects political motives behind the arrest.

The journalist has since published a documentary in which he uncovered the secret “Palace of Putin”. The building on the Black Sea is believed to be worth more than $ 1 billion and was paid for with bribes.

The film alone on the first day already more than 20 million clicks on YouTube reached .

The now published crypto artwork starts with a bid of 0.5 Ether ( ETH ). The subtitle of the NFT is also a quote from the journalist: “Don’t be afraid of anything, except your own fear.”

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